Putting greens when not installed properly run the risk of having a very short shelf life.

Mold, moss, and algae can begin to grow on and underneath the surface due to constant contact with the damp ground directly underneath.

Your putting green should have constant air flow under the turf to allow it to properly dry after rainfall. Essentially putting turf directly on the ground is the equivalent the placing carpet outside.

At DeShayes Dream Greens our greens are installed on top of structurally engineered subbase panels which allow for proper drainage, minimalize moisture accumulation, and maintain planarity over time. Not only does this provide a great surface to play on but it will save you from a lot of issues down the line. The cups also screw directly into these panels which prevents them from sinking or popping up.


The pictured green above was just five years old before it began having issues of mold and poor surface performance. We were able to go in tear the old turf off, install panels, and place new turf on top providing a brand new and improved putting green.

If you are considering replacing your current putting green or are considering having a new one installed at your home give us a call today at 1-877-928-4653.

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