Professional Artificial Turf Installations

At DeShayes Dream Greens we don’t just stop at golf. We also offer professional turf installations to suit any need. Whether it be a practice area for sports like field hockey or soccer, playground, a pet area or unsightly areas of your yard where grass just won’t grow our engineered turf systems are guaranteed to spruce up your yard and provide a long lasting and environmentally-friendly alternative to natural grass.

Lawn maintenance can be costly in terms of both time and money. Turf eliminates the constant need for mowing and fertilizing in the summer months to maintain that fresh green look. DeShayes Dream Greens turf stays green year-round! Artificial turf also helps reduce water usage to lower your bills. If you like the look of natural grass we also offer products that mimic it, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Insects and other pests are not attracted to turf. Artificial turf can even raise curb appeal and improve the value of your home.

Benefits of artificial turf vs natural grass

Artificial turf requires less maintenance and maintains the same appearance year round.

Artificial turf lowers your water bills and eliminates lawn services costs.

Artificial turf can raise your home’s value.

Types of artificial turf projects

Pet Area


Recreation Area


Sports Area


When it comes to sports the right surface can make all the difference. It can prevent falls, increase traction, provide cushion, and boost performance in all kinds of weather.

Animals can be tough on natural grass, but our DeShayes Dream Greens natural turf can take it. Our system is specifically designed for pet applications with our innovative backing system, antimicrobial infill and drainage tile.

DeShayes Dream Greens Artificial Turf Projects