Most high end artificial putting greens are made from a non-directional nylon that is ½” high & similar to an outdoor carpet. Blowing off your green weekly will keep it playable and clean. Once a year it should be broomed off by hand or with a power broom to get any debris from just below the surface out of the turf.


This would be the ideal time to top dress your green as well. The recommended top dressing is a 40mm circular silica that is green and black. This product will cost around $20-$40 for a 50lb bag and will not compact and make your green hard because the granules are rounded.

Play sand or concrete sand is angular and will compact. This sand is not good for top dressing greens. Implementing this care regimen will keep your putting green turf in great shape. Ideally, the manufacturer’s warranty on the turf is 8 years against fading, but keeping up with weekly and yearly maintenance can keep a good quality putting green in playable condition and looking great for 15-20 years.

DeShayes Dream Greens has installed several putting greens, all of which stand the test of time due to the great importance that they put on maintenance. The backyard putting green shown in the photo was installed by DeShayes in 1999 and serviced yearly. It is still in fantastic playing condition.