Have Fun & Stay Fit: Benefits of a DeShayes Dream Greens Golf Putting Green


Gets off the couch and away from technology
Assists with mobility and joint fluidity


Play anytime on a custom indoor golf putting green

Get in more practice and become a better golfer

Quality Time

Time spent on your DeShayes Dream Green with your children family and friends is priceless
Great time for casual conversations about important topics

Competitive Advantage

A professional grade facility at your home affords you and you friend and family the ability to practice on the same facilities that they play their actual games on
Builds confidence and muscle memory

Adds to resale value of your home

Compliments the aesthetics of your property

Golf putting green is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and fits seamlessly into your property because it was designed and installed by a Landscape Architect

Get the DeShayes Feeling!

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in an area where the climate is nice and I can play golf all year round. How can it help me? Would I use it much?

We have clients in a wide range of climate areas, both here in the U.S. and around the world. Many have homes right on the golf course. Remember – no place is perfect all the time – heat, humidity, rain, wind, insects, overcrowding, slow play and not enough time to play are just some problems that come up. It is nice to have a truly great putting surface available whenever you want – after work, while watching the news, during a game or whenever you have the urge to putt a few hits, but don’t feel like going to the course.

If you have a Dream Green in your home and/or office, you can get in a few strokes of practice whenever you get a little window of time or just need a stress break. Many of our clients tell us that having Golf Theme Parties with family and friends throughout the year is always a big hit!

What putting green size is best?

The answer really comes down to space and money. Our most popular size is 4’ by 16’, second is 4’ by 20 ’ and third is 4 ’ by 12’. We also have smaller models available.

What if my room is too small to accommodate your standard size indoor golf putting green?

For a modest price, we can and often make custom lengths for customers who have special space requirements. We would first need to discuss your situation with you to determine the best solution.

What materials are used to build your putting greens?

The Dream Green putting surface is a proprietary, high density, non-directional putting surface that yields tournament speeds. It is not an Astroturf type surface. The Dream Green putting surface will putt true and enable you to refine your aiming skills as well as develop your speed skills.

All visible exterior components of the Dream Green are ¾ inch solid hardwoods. Standard models are solid natural ash. These can be custom stained to match almost any décor. Our upgrades include solid cherry or walnut. Custom models can be almost any combination of domestic or exotic hardwoods. They are always solid, not veneered, so they can definitely be refinished should that ever become necessary.

What happens to my yard during construction?

We take whatever measures are required to protect your property during construction. We advise you of various options to that end. Some options may increase the cost of getting materials to the site, but still be the better choice with regard to protecting your yard.

Over the years we have done installations on many beautiful properties. We appreciate the care and expense invested to design, build, and maintain them. We take the time to determine the best way to get your court built with minimal disruption.

Once your DeShayes Dream Green is complete your yard will look just as it did prior to construction with the exception of a beautiful DeShayes Dream Green that will provide you and your family with a lifetime of enjoyment.

What about drainage?

Site evaluation and attention to drainage are important steps in building a quality golf putting green. We investigate and address existing landscape drainage issues before construction begins.

How fast is the putting surface?

As you know, putting green speeds vary by region, season, from course to course, hole-to-hole and even on the same hole throughout the day. Many professionals, instructors and the vast majority of skilled golfers prefer this tournament speed surface as the best way to hone their putting game. If you would prefer a moderate or slower speed surface, contact us.

Is a custom golf putting green it difficult to assemble?

The Dream Green has been designed to assemble easily. All models come in four-foot sections and connect to each other with specially designed hinge pins. Assembly is simple, and instructions are included. The only tool required is a standard Phillips head screwdriver. Once you have read the instructions and assembled your Dream Green for the first time (about 30 minutes), it will only take about five minutes to disassemble and five minutes to reassemble the green, should you decide to move it to another location.

How do I care for my custom indoor golf putting green?

Each Dream Green is extremely sturdy and durable, that being the case we still recommend that you treat it as you would any fine piece of furniture. When breaks are set, walk around the green, instead of walking on it. When not in use, set all break stations to flat. The putting surface should be brushed or vacuumed regularly, and the wood should be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth or furniture polish occasionally. If the putting surface gets soiled or stained, have it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.

I don't have much room in my back yard. How do I know if a DeShayes Dream Green custom golf putting green will fit?

At DeShayes Dream Greens, we specialize in dealing with the many departments and ordinances of your local government. Just send us a copy of your survey along with your address and we will be able to determine the size options and location for a court on your property.

We custom build your custom golf putting green to fit your yard and your budget. We build your custom golf putting green the way you and your family prefer, while fitting your yard and your budget. It’s the place for family fun and fitness! We have many sizes, designs and options available.

Your Custom Master Plan

A master plan for your property is similar to the architectural plan for your home in that it illustrates outdoor rooms and spaces for your property. There are several steps that must be taken to develop a master plan that will meet all of your needs now and in the future.

The first step is a site analysis listing all of the assets and liabilities of your property along with researching your town’s zoning ordnances, and how they will effect your design options. A list will be compiled of all the things you want to do on your property, the amenities you are considering, and general budget numbers for these items so you can asses your value to them. It is also important to consider how you want things to feel and the style and/or styles you are contemplating.

Once you know what you want there are many layouts that can accommodate your needs. It is important to understand how spaces relate to each other and this can be accomplished by relationship diagrams.

Now that a general layout of spaces has been developed and chosen you are ready to review several general design concepts and move on to two detailed designs with sketches. This will give you choices for your final design solution which can be presented as a life-size 3D presentation in which you can literally walk through your design before it is built. This gives you the ability to see your property from every angle imaginable and make any changes necessary in the design stage, where they are the most cost effective.

 View some of our 3d designs here

With a well conceived master plan you will have the ability to install your project all at once or in stages and have the assurance that when it is complete it will look as though it has always been a part of your property and everything will fit together cohesively.

Please call our office for an initial consultation in which the process can be explained in detail +1-877-928-4653.