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Golf Simulator

Virtual Golf Simulators

Buy or Rent this incredible
Indoor Golf Simulator from DeShayes.

Purchase Cost: $34,500.00
Rental Cost: $2,000.00/day + expenses

Call Us Toll-Free at
1-877-928-4653 for details.

For information regarding lease financing options, please call us!

Play these incredible world famous courses all-year long!

Four Seasons Resort Avaira - Golf Simulator
Edgewood Tahoe - Golf Simulator
Jeremy Ranch - Golf Simulator
Introducing the System4- Video Projection Indoor Golf Simulator
The System 4™ features large screen projection and all of the additional features that make indoor golf simulators so much fun! The System 4™ comes in a complete package and offers a larger variety of features than other indoor golf simulators. The built-in True Swing Analyzer™accurately measures swing statistics, making the System 4™ the perfect training tool for golfers and an invaluable teaching tool for professionals.
Four Seasons Resort Avaira
Edgewood Tahoe
Jeremy Ranch
Teeth of the Dog - Golf Simulator
Troon North - Golf Simulator
Westin Fabulous 18 - Golf Simulator
Teeth of the Dog
Troon North
Westin Fabulous 18
Legends of Shanty Creek - Golf Simulator
Morningside - Golf Simulator
Prince Course at Princeville - Golf Simulator
Legends of Shanty Creek
Prince Course at Princeville


Hardware included with System 4™ virtual golf simulator:
Software included with System 4™ virtual golf simulator:
  • Pentium IV computer with software installed
  • True Swing Analyzer™
  • Course play, featuring 9 true to life golf courses and 3 fantasy courses
  • Club-fitting package
    • 2000 Lumen Video Projector
    • Lamp with housing
  • On-screen putting
  • Driving range
    • High quality portable cage with Silent Screen™
    • Cables and tees
  • Golf swing analysis
  • Special events including long-drive competition, closest to the pin, and more.
    • Deluxe computer cabinet with keyboard tray and touchpad
    • Operation manual
    Optional Items: True Vision Video Analysis™
    • Scorecard and club-fitting data printer
    • Two-year warranty
    • Left/right stance mat
    • Free tech support

    Virtual Golf Simulator Features:

    True Swing Analyzer

    True Swing™ technology captures your swing motion and creates an image as the club approaches the ball. The motion data is analyzed and measured and the results are instantly displayed. The data is very accurate and it is displayed in common, user friendly format. Unlike our competitors, our True Swing™ Analyzer sensors pick up the ball direction, launch angle and golf ball back spin!

    Golf Simulator - True Swing Analyzer  

    Top View

    The speed of your swing, the speed of the ball off the club face are accurately displayed. You can actually see your club head speed, ball speed, impact point on the club face, swing tempo, swing path and club face angle at impact as the club strikes the ball. Your golf simulator displays all this data on your computer screen in an easy to understand format.

    Golf Simulator - Top View

    Golf Swing Graphics

    Your swing data is gathered by the True Swing™ analyzer and dynamically displays your swing path, club face angle, impact point and ball spin. A driver head or iron head is shown, depending on the club you use. This screen can be displayed automatically during play or called back with a single key stroke.

    Golf Simulator - True Swing analyzer  

    Real Golf Course Pictures

    Enjoy the realism of real golf course pictures. Pictures give you the detail that computer generated golf courses can't match. Golf balls interact with the terrain by disappearing behind hills, rolls down hills, knocked down by trees and you will need a longer iron to reach the elevated green. See above for the list of available golf courses.

    Golf Simulator - realistic golf courses

    Target Based Driving Range

    Every good golfer knows the importance of driving golf balls to a target. Our simulators allow you to practice like you would on an outdoor range. Choose your distance from the pin and practice dropping those tough iron shots on the green. You can practice from 10 yards to 250 yards in 10 yard increments to a green and an open tee. You get the swing analysis feature plus the golf ball flight profile while you practice.

    Golf Simulator - driving range shot  

    On-Screen Putting

    We offer 3 ways to putt; on screen, manual or automatic. The on-screen putting uses a combination of a real picture background with a simulated putting green superimposed on it. As you putt, the ball follows the undulation of the green and can even can roll back down an incline slope. Watch out for those lip outs. Many of the golf simulators allow you to putt the ball in the cup. You must take a "gimme". Our simulator offers either choice.

    Golf Simulator - on-screen putting

    Additional Golf Simulator Product Features:

    True Vision Video Swing Capture - Our True Vision™ video swing capture and analyzing feature allows you to digitally capture your swing. You see your ball flight, swing analysis and then a playback of your swing. This can be recorded for later playback. You can even compare your swing to a pro's swing. Many other features are also available.

    Club-fitting Software - Club fitting software allows you to compare swings very easily using the True Swing™ Analyzer. This gives the ultimate software and hardware features in club fitting system.

    Portable & Lowest Cost - If portability is important to you, our golf simulator can be taken down and set up quickly for private parties, shows, and other events.  If you consider all these features and the low cost, your decision will become clear! View the following pages for complete description of our features.

    Very Short Down Time - Don't let the competition fool you because all golf simulators will need service. Some competitors require a factory service representative to make a service call to repair their simulator requiring up to 8 weeks to repair. Others require you to ship bulky equipment back and wait for it to return. A spare is very expensive. The System 4 only requires the spare analyzer circuit board supplied with each system to be switched out, requiring about 2 minutes down time.

    Fun Games - Special events such as long drive, closest to the pin, skins, and best ball scrambled are standard on every golf simulator. Even if you have a high handicap you can compete against a scratch golfer by playing the hole from different distances. Each game can be competitively equal at any level of player.

    There are 3 long drive competition and 3 closest to the pin competitions. Each with their own 15 position leader boards. You can set the number of swings allowed for the competitions and even pick the tee box/fairway or par 3 hole to play. A skins scoring format can be selected. The players normal score is shown for each hole and a skins score card like you have seen on TV giving skins earned and monies won. Our best ball scrambled can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players. After all have hit, you choose the lie you want to play from.

    Token or Bill Acceptor - The golf simulator can be fitted with a bill acceptor or token acceptor for use without an attendant. Special screens allow players to setup and start the golf games with the use of 6 push button switches.

    Call Us Toll-Free at 1-877-928-4653 for details.