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4' x 20' Indoor Green

Indoor Putting Green -
Model #420

indoor putting green - 4' x 20'Model 420 is the premiere DreamGreen®! 4' by 20' - 80 square feet of putting surface with 16 break stations - 8 along each side of the green - and each end will elevate. These features allow model #420 to have over 3 million possible combinations of breaks and up and downhill putts!

Not only is this green functional and fun, it is an extremely beautiful piece of furniture. Every DREAMGREEN® whether custom or standard is handmade with careful attention to detail. And we can match the wood of your green to the interior woods of your room

Standard models are made of natural ash. We can custom stain the ash to match almost any decor. Special Edition models are made of either solid walnut or solid cherry. If you have a favorite wood, or just want a one-of-a-kind DREAMGREEN®, we also offer custom models made from your choice of domestic and imported exotic hardwoods. Custom units are priced according to the types of woods used.

Model #420 has two cups, two flags, four sidesteps and a matching putter rack ( 6 putters ) to display and organize your putters. Notice on the photo, there is a circle around each cup and a series of decals. These allow you to play an 18 hole par 72 round of golf with up to 7 family members and friends, allowing a total of up to 8 players. Each model #420 comes with a laminated "Rules of the Game" and Scorecard.

The cup is regulation, and the green speed was developed with input from PGA Professionals and instructors who recommended a reasonably fast, tournament quality green.

You can even practice short chip shots onto the green by placing a chipping mat beyond one end and chipping from there. Although the surface may not be as soft as your greens, many of our PGA Pro customers find it works very well for them for year-round teaching and practice of pitch and run shots. Remember, you are indoors so please make sure that all participants exercise caution and good judgment if using the equipment for chipping!