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Indoor Putting Greens
3' x 12' Indoor Green

indoor putting greensIndoor Putting Green -
Model #312

Model #312 is the perfect DREAMGREEN™ to own when you want all the features of a 12 foot green, but you have some space challenges. It measures 3' by 12' - 36 square feet, has 6 break stations - 3 along each side of the green - and each end will elevate. These features allow model #312 to have up to 50,000 possible combinations of breaks and up and downhill putts! It is one of our more popular models with lots of features in a fairly compact size that will fit in many rooms.

This great green has one cup, one flag and one sidestep.. Options include an extra sidestep to accomodate right or left handers, and a matching putter rack. Notice on the photo, there is a circle around the cup and a series of decals. These allow you to play a 9 hole par 36 round of golf with up to 7 family members and friends, allowing a total of up to 8 players. Each model #312 comes with a laminated "Rules of the Game" and Scorecard.