Want to get some putting practice in but can’t beat the weather?

Having been in the putting greens business for over 40 years, owner Joe DeShayes has become an expert in indoor golf putting green design and installation and works directly with all clients throughout the entire process.

Check out our indoor roll out putting greens. They all have built in down grain and roll like a freshly-cut bent grass green every time!




katz_indoor_putting green

With all of this rain, and even the excess heat we get here in the Northeast, your practicing time can easily become very limited.

Don’t let your putting game suffer! Visit our large selection on indoor roll out putting greens and give us a call today.1-877-928-4653

Industry leading warranty and features

DeShayes Dream Greens are guaranteed to provide a level playing surface for at least 10 years. Our turfs surpass Federal and CA Proposition 65 Standards, and our factories qualify for multiple “Green” initiatives. Made with a high density UV stabilized nylon face and natural rubber.

Long lasting

Our portable putting greens are extremely durable, weather-resistant, UV protected and color safe.

Portability / Affordability

Our portable putting greens are the perfect solution for those looking for affordability and easy to relocate greens. DeShayes Portable Golf Putting Greens are available in multiple sizes based around your budget.

indoor_putting green

Custom indoor project with multiple cups installed in a bonus space or spare room


Precision turf cutting services are available for many standard designs. For custom designed shapes, simply trace a pattern and cut your turf to fit.

Greens can be designed in thousands of shapes for above ground or below ground with or without bump rails.

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